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Tips for Winning Back Email Subscribers

Written by eTargetMedia. Using high-quality opt-in email lists from companies such as eTargetMedia is a great way for businesses to reach out to a new audience. Along with being an avenue for sales, sending out emails to

The Importance of A/B Email Testing

Written by eTargetMedia. Experienced digital marketing companies such as eTargetMedia can help businesses develop and deploy email marketing campaigns that will engage potential customers. However, there is no one method that will guarantee that your emails is

Two new consoles just in time for holidays

After months of news releases, Microsoft and Sony announced their new arrivals just in time for 2013 holidays during the E3 gathering. The Xbox One from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 from Sony will go on sale in

A quick walk on memory lane for video games

There are more than 24,000 video games available today in the market according to the VideoGameGeek.com. Since the introduction of Arcade games in 1975, the video game industry has reinvented itself to include games played on smartphones,