A Comparison Between an Expensive Video Wall and a Cheap One

Major organizations are opting for expensive command centers that are equipped with the latest and greatest in video wall technology. However, does a pricey video wall display offer the same efficiency as a less expensive setup? Let’s dive in and discuss the pros and cons for each side.


Opting for a More Expensive Setup


Having the ability to utilize versatile equipment is beneficial for anyone on your team. With better visualization, more flexibility, and a significant amount of capabilities available to you, your specialists can operate at a more user-friendly level without having to deal with the occasional crashes on less expensive command center workstations and work at a much more efficient pace.


However, the most expensive equipment alone won’t offer your company the heaviest benefits without having a seasoned team at your side. Consider it like driving a luxurious car that’s only offered in manual. Without any experience driving it, you’ll probably stall within seconds and even compromise the battery. Having a trained staff is crucial for operation.


Taking the Route of Less Expenses


Opting to go for a video wall display that doesn’t cost the big bucks is an alternate option. And, in the defense of numerous businesses that go this route, having a cheaper equipment setup doesn’t automatically lead to a drop off in productivity and efficiency. There are a variety of electronic brands that are lowering their prices based on market value so people are getting bigger and better for less money.


But, not having the greatest equipment could potentially lead to your team not having the proper access to all the extensive features that the latter can bring. Alternatively, you can have an integrator like ConstantTech.com for example to work with you on your command center with the investment that you would’ve spent on better equipment to increase your overall efficiency, which is what many businesses are doing. Allocating your funds appropriately and designating them to certain aspects could be the best decision that you’ll make.