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Understanding the Intricacies of Optical Thin Film Coating

Summary: The production of optical thin films is a complex, yet necessary one. Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Optics are utilized in a vast array of fields including: scientific, biomedical, industrial, and more. If you’re in the

PVD Thermal Evaporation’s Success Lies In Its “Upward” Trend

Thermal evaporation is a versatile deposition method that utilizes a liquid state to create a thin film. One of the more underrated thin film application methods is PVD thermal evaporation. Now, this utilizes vacuum technology to apply

Common Applications for Vacuum Coating

Many household items are created through the process of vacuum coating. Simply put, vacuum coating is the process of deposition that occurs within a vacuum environment. The process may sound foreign to you so here’s a brief

Locomotive Power Can Come In the Form of An External Unit

Article written by Menlo Software, news, articles and tips on software and more Diesel locomotives are generally powered by an onboard system that utilizes electricity to create the forward motion. A shaft that’s connected to the train

Breaking Down the Differences between Chemical and Physical Vapor Deposition

Article written by Computech blog, we bring you the latest on technology and internet See which form of vapor deposition results in a more efficient solution. There are various deposition processes, two of the most common being

The Importance of Portable Power in Major Transportation Systems

Written by: Start Pac If you neglect to change your vehicle’s battery, you might end up being stranded on the side of the road at the most inconvenient time. It’s tough to tell when your battery needs

GPUs Are Essential for Your Plane

By Start Pac All around us, we are surrounded by technology. We depend on it to get through our typical day. Obviously, the best example is our smartphones. However, now a lot of people have tablets too

Ground Power Units in Aviation

Written by Start Pac A Ground Power Unit (or otherwise abbreviated as GPU) is considered to be vital to maintenance and as starting units to airplanes among its other uses in the construction as well as railroad