How to Boot Your Computer Using a USB Drive in Case of an Emergency

Most people are used to booting their computer, which employs Windows, from their internal hard drive. But what does
February 2, 2015

3 Ways to Use an Old PC

If you’ve just bought a new PC, you might wonder what must be done with the old one, which
January 28, 2015

4 Things You Can Do With Your Old iPad

With a new release of an iPad every year, Apple aficionados can’t seem to keep their off the tablet’s
January 20, 2015

Technical or fundamental analysis, which should you use?

Financial markets are flooded with analysis. But the two main analyses are based on either technical or fundamental analysis.
January 6, 2015

5 Computing Tips That Will Stay Relevant

With rapid advances in technology and computing these days, hardware seems to get faster while operating systems acquire new
February 12, 2015

R1 million in prizes for The Innovation Hub’s Gauteng innovation competition

The Gauteng Innovation Competition, an annual contest that seeks innovative solutions in mobile and green technologies, will open for
January 21, 2015

Internet Credit Card Processing

So what must one do to be able to have the capability of internet credit card processing? Just get
January 14, 2015

Watching videos on mobile devices

Remember those days we used to watch videos only on our PCs? The ever evolving computer technology now makes
December 16, 2014

Two Ways to Keep Your Android Phone Secure

With Google getting rid of the lock screen widget (that never was popular) and now replacing it with notifications,
December 4, 2014

Cloud to revolutionize Big Data analyses

When collected data sets become difficult to process using conventional methods, many businesses called it Big Data. Capture, storage,
October 20, 2014