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External Hard Drives: The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Novice

Written by: Omar Amanat Summary: External storage drives can save the most important data if a fatal crash were to occur to your computer or laptop. If you’re like most people, you’ve been slowly accumulating photos, video,

Pros and Cons of the “Cheapest” Payment Processor

When you’re a small business, you’ll often feel a great deal of pressure to try and cut costs during your first year or so. There are several reasons for this: Cutting costs means more operating capital for

How to Set Up Your Ground Power Unit Preflight Sequence

A pre-diagnostics test is mandatory for all ground power units. A portable power pack for an aircraft is an essential piece of equipment for every pilot. It’s convenient, mobile, and can help power your aircraft with a

Understanding the Intricacies of Optical Thin Film Coating

Summary: The production of optical thin films is a complex, yet necessary one. Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Optics are utilized in a vast array of fields including: scientific, biomedical, industrial, and more. If you’re in the

The advantages and disadvantages of room air conditioning units

Written by MovinCool There are several types of air conditioning systems available today. They range from the largest central plant systems down to standalone room air conditioning units. Each of these systems has their own advantages and

Tips to Help High Risk Small Businesses Navigate Payment Processing

For a small business owner, the high risk label can feel like one more monumental hurdle you have to climb to finally make it. Monthly revenue is crucial when you first launch a business, so paying extra

Differentiating APUs from GPUs

APUs and GPUs provide power to an aircraft in their own unique ways. You may be familiar with lithium ground power units and auxiliary power units, but can you truly separate the differences between the two? This

PVD Thermal Evaporation’s Success Lies In Its “Upward” Trend

Thermal evaporation is a versatile deposition method that utilizes a liquid state to create a thin film. One of the more underrated thin film application methods is PVD thermal evaporation. Now, this utilizes vacuum technology to apply

The Biggest Signs that You Are Making a Bad Credit Card Processing Deal

Merchant accounts are fairly complicated, even when the rates look very simple on paper. It’s very important that a merchant fully understands the contract he or she is binding a business to. Merchant accounts are not inexpensive

Learn More about Fees Charged for Credit Card Processing

Merchant credit card processing carries certain fees and percentages the merchant will pay to complete the transaction. Understanding what these fees pay for is crucial when you’re trying to decide which payment processing company to work with.