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The advantages and disadvantages of room air conditioning units

Written by MovinCool There are several types of air conditioning systems available today. They range from the largest central plant systems down to standalone room air conditioning units. Each of these systems has their own advantages and

The advantages of a portable air conditioner

Written by Movincool When it comes to cooling a home or a workplace, there are many options. They include window, split, packaged or even central air conditioning. However, another option which is often overlooked is the portable

The Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

By MovinCool No matter where you live, chances are that there’s a time of year when the temperature gets extremely uncomfortable. Although most of us look forward to summer, once the thermostat starts rising, it can become

Data Centers Must Have AC

By MovinCool There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cool AC hitting you on a warm summer day. Most of us would have a hard time even getting through the day when the temperature starts to go