Locomotive Power Can Come In the Form of An External Unit

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Diesel locomotives are generally powered by an onboard system that utilizes electricity to create the forward motion. A shaft that’s connected to the train supplies adequate electricity to the generator which provides the appropriate power for it to travel long distances.

DC and AC

Trains utilize either DC generators or AC generators. The difference between these two is the way that each of them creates electricity – models differ in energy production. Modern trains typically use AC generators, but DC generators are still in production due to their relatively cheap manufacturing costs. Nonetheless, DC units still perform their duties relatively well and continue to be a staple in the locomotive industry.

Portable Power

Portable power was a revolutionary piece of equipment for locomotives. If there were to be any faults within the generators or electrical system, these somewhat small units could easily come in and essentially jumpstart the train so it can resume traveling.

Although they’re not glorified as the onboard generators, these underrated pieces of equipment can supply enough electrical power for something as hefty as a train. Additionally, these forms of portable power supply are also used in other vehicles like an airplane or helicopter. For instance, at an airport, you might recognize them as the carts that attach themselves to the plane upon taxiing. While larger planes require more power, and more carts, there should be no surprise that these units deliver a whopping amount of steady current.

An Example Of Using Locomotive Starting Units

These locomotive starters are designed to directly start the train engine when the battery isn’t sufficiently charged or is running low. This can occur on long trips and in the case of a faulty battery. These units are manufactured with wheels (and without) to make them easier to be truck mounted. If you’re looking into purchasing one of these power supply units, it’s important that you look into the maintenance features. The reason being is that some units are designed to jump locomotive engines with a specific amount of horsepower but cannot charge the battery. This all depends on the specific needs of your locomotive. Nonetheless, they are a useful tool to have either onboard or standing ready at a station.
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