The advantages of a portable air conditioner

2Written by Movincool

When it comes to cooling a home or a workplace, there are many options. They include window, split, packaged or even central air conditioning. However, another option which is often overlooked is the portable air conditioner. Here are few advantages of using one:

Energy efficiency

Portable units are energy efficient as they can be relocated wherever the cooling requirement is needed the most. This negates the need to use the central air conditioner and cool parts of the house/building without anyone. It is a perfect spot cooler.

Temperature control

Unlike larger central units you have better and faster temperature control. HVAC units can take longer to change the temperature due to the larger footprint it needs to cool. With a portable a/c, since the cooling is more localized to where you are, the change in temperature is also faster.

Faster cooling

In homes it can take longer for hvac units to cool as it has to cool larger areas. In addition sudden increases in people and other generators of heat can also cause cooling delays. A portable unit can cool the area that you want faster.


The size you choose for your portable unit is just as important as any air conditioner. Too small a unit will cause you to lose and power efficiency gains and too large a unit will lead to inefficient cooling. Prevent his by getting a rental portable air conditioner and testing it out in the specific conditions you expect it to operate.

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