Tips for Winning Back Email Subscribers

Written by eTargetMedia.

Using high-quality opt-in email lists from companies such as eTargetMedia is a great way for businesses to reach out to a new audience. Along with being an avenue for sales, sending out emails to these people can also turn them into subscribers of your email marketing campaigns. Even if they aren’t buying something right away, they can continue to get your marketing messages and stay engaged for when they are ready to purchase.

Getting people to become email subscribers is just one part of the process. You also need to make sure that they don’t unsubscribe or become “passive” email recipients who don’t unsubscribe but also don’t read your messages. There are several things you can do to win back former email subscribers:

Give Them a Personalized Offer: Many mail services now allow you to personalize the messages that you send out to customers. Instead of a generic message, you can now send out emails that use the recipient’s name. Directing messages to an individual makes them feel like they are getting something directly from you.

Give Them a Discount: Customers love discounts, and they also love feeling like they’ve been missed. You can combine these things by sending a special email to infrequent or former subscribers saying how much you’ve missed them and offering them a special discount.

Let Them Know Their Options: Some people stop responding to emails because they are simply getting too many emails or getting messages not relevant to their interests. You can get customers to engage again by reminding them of their different options for selecting which emails they receive from you.

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