Watching videos on a mobile device

Remember those days we used to watch videos only on our PCs? The ever evolving computer technology now makes it easier to watch videos on mobile devices especially on your smartphone. Mobile devices have an advantage over others because of its smaller screen size. Even though it makes text harder to read, videos work much better on smaller devices such as smartphones.

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Carriers such as Verizon Communications are expanding LTE wireless facilities in order to accommodate and improve live video broadcasting. We all carry a mobile phone and that is a medium that one can use to watch news, go on Twitter to find and watch what is trending at the moment. Why not develop this broadcast medium to take a bite at $300 billion year advertising revenue? Advertising revenue from mobile medium are on the rise and it is expected to generate more than $9.1 billion this year. Similarly number of people watching some form of video on mobile devices is also on the rise. Facebook is a huge platform for viewing videos on mobile devices and more than one billion users use it daily to watch videos. However, it will take many years for viewers to change viewing habits and use their mobile devices more for watching videos.