Ground Power Units in Aviation

Written by Start Pac

A Ground Power Unit (or otherwise abbreviated as GPU) is considered to be vital to maintenance and as starting units to airplanes among its other uses in the construction as well as railroad industry.

But in respect to airplanes, there are several benefits that it offers to the aviation industry since government regulations have come down on the noise that is caused by engines since so many commercial planes land and take off at airports these days.

startpac1This is why the ground power unit is so vital to the noiseless process of preparing planes to take off again (i.e. maintenance). If you aren’t sure what these power units do, they supply power to the aircraft while turning off the engine.

But what do they supply the power to?

Very simply, this is to power up the batteries on the aircraft that might wear out or get damaged if not supplied with power from time to time. While most of these units are of the lead-acid type, you can also get the ones with lithium batteries. The latter is considered to be better than the nickel-cadmium and lead-acid combinations that are commonly used in ground power units.

It is considered to be the safest type of charging equipment that was designed for aircraft while also lasting much longer than other types of GPUs. A portable power pack also comes in handy when it comes to powering aircraft, and is considered to be an excellent choice for aircraft supplies. All in all, the importance of these ground power units cannot be denied especially when it comes to the way airplanes and other locomotive machinery run.

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