How to Choose Time Clocks

Written by Allied Time

Regardless of the type of business, there is no better way to track employee attendance and productivity than by monitoring their in and out times. Tracking your employees work time should be easy and should cover your time tracking needs.


The first consideration on choosing a time clock is the size of the company. This will determine how many employees your system needs to track. This will have a bearing on the system you get. Larger employee bases will mean additional units to prevent large lines of workers when clocking in.

The second consideration is how you want employees tracked. One option is fingerprint time clocks. This prevents the sort of clock in fraud that can happen with systems that use swipe cards or codes.

The third consideration is environment. If the working environment requires the use of gloves or require the use of hands then using fingerprints will be an issue. In those situations the biometric time clocks are more appropriate. Push a button and performing retinal scan is fast and also prevents any clock in fraud.

The final consideration is the number of sites. A lot of systems are built for a single site. Employees clock in and then clock out. Some organizations will require an employee to sign in from location and then he might have to sign out at another. Multi site systems will manage sign in and sign outs from multiple locations.

Allied Time specializes in providing Biometric time clock solutions for businesses, enabling employers and employees to track working hours along with other features.