Two new consoles just in time for holidays

After months of news releases, Microsoft and Sony announced their new arrivals just in time for 2013 holidays during the E3 gathering. The Xbox One from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 from Sony will go on sale in middle of November 2013, a week apart from one another.

Sony’s parallelogram-shaped hardware comes with indie games, will support used games allowing gamers to share games with friends and doesn’t require always-online connection compared to the console from Microsoft. Additionally, it doesn’t require online authentication to play single-player games either. Sony and its game developers are also unveiled games including Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, and Knack in time for the upcoming holidays. PS 4 is priced at $399, cheaper than Xbox One.

Originally Microsoft announced its Xbox One with limitations regarding repurchasing, used-game sales, game-sharing and always-online. But bowing to the competition from Sony and gamer revolt on the Internet, later they announced that they are abandoning used-games and DRM policies. It will cost $499 in the U.S. which will be $100 more for PlayStation 4. In addition to Microsoft’s own games, Titanfall will have exclusivity for Xbox One games which has a lineup of games to introduce.