What is a Command Center and Why is it So Important?

Summary: Command centers are localized nerve centers utilized by companies that require operations oversight.

A command center plays an integral role in employing multiple A/V setups for facilities and organizations that require a nerve center for the activities performed by the company.

Each center is well-maintained and designed to provide the operators with quick access to oversee any connected setups and perform any data analysis or monitoring that the organization requires. You can consider it as a separate entity due to the fact that each command center is a facility that may be off-site and controlled by either specialists employed by the company or an outsourced staff.

An Introduction to Command Centers

When you initially think of a command center, you might automatically associate them with a war room littered with glowing LED screens and operators furiously typing and monitoring the giant video wall. This isn’t too far from reality as the design is similar to the aforementioned example.

However, when it comes down to it, a command center is essentially a centralized hub that utilizes advanced technology to oversee all operations. Rather than a wall littered with screens, major changes have occurred throughout the years, making it a much more efficient workplace.

Smarter Systems

With technology improving throughout the years, and machines becoming smaller yet more powerful, command centers no longer need to be the size of a dining hall since there are smarter integrated setups.

But, this isn’t the case in all command centers as larger companies require facilities that require more elaborate setups for full control of A/V components. In a nutshell, it tends to vary when it comes to the size of each center, but it should be known that a basic facility with a smartly integrated setup is enough to get the job done.

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